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We help high-performance entrepreneurs and companies in the personal development and creative branche, create exclusive scalable programs.
This allows you to enjoy deep fulfillment and leads to a scalable growth in revenue.


  • "My company has been growing quickly ever since our collaboration. House of Are helps you build an online program that truly suits you."


(Re)Discover your Worth

Clarity sessions

You have worked hard, fueled by endless energy and the desire to excel. And with that, you or your company have earned your stripes with your knowledge and expertise,

but your ambition reaches further. To convey and pass on the value of your knowledge and expertise even more deeply to the world. You long for more connection. More heart, more fulfillment. Enjoyment, playfulness. But you do not know how to translate that precisely into your offer in a heart-driven way. Let’s do this together in the Clarity sessions. A light and easy way to rediscover your energy, practical ways to lighten up your offer(s) and a clear vision for the months to come.

The Program~Mastermind

Cloud Dancers

How would it be if you are seen as the visionary, forecaster, or paradigm-shifter that you truly are?

How would it be if you have your own magnificent program, full of wonder? Something through which your clients tap into that different perspective, that other world. Beyond what already exists for them. Because there is so much more possible. For them. Translated into an exceptional program of your own. So that you can spread your vision and have more impact, for a better world. Create your course or program within the Cloud Dancers. A 3 months program ánd mastermind in which you come up with your new aligned program ánd pilot your program the same time.
Come dance with us!
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From the first idea till production

You seek companionship to create your transformative online program together.

You want to work with someone at the same level of intellect and strategic level as you are. Not only to be understood and seen at a same level of mindset, but also at a heart level. So that your value as a visionary is fully translated into your online program. A program of high transformative value, delivering beautiful client results. Hit me up when you’re ready to create, produce and publish your own program. I’m your guide from the first idea untill the launch of your program.

Previous Clients

  • Florine Duif
  • Wietske Bakker
  • Charley Huf
  • Christine Beijnen
  • Ron Simpson
  • Famke Mesman
  • Kiki Duren
  • Shabnam Ashkar
  • CTM Entertainment
  • Steffy Roos du Maine
  • Sandra Borg
  • ZoMa opleidingen
  • Rock Your World
  • ByVeda
  • Jantien Pronk


‘Kennis met Kiek’

House of Are worked with Kiki Düren, an RTL Boulevard podcaster and influencer, on the development of her very first course. We were present from the first pitch and brainstorm, all the way until the product launch. Together, we worked on motivating her followers and community to live a more happy and healthy life.

"The 21st century requires leaders who can navigate the unknown in an ever- changing world and bridge divides."

Jacqueline Novogratz


Welcome to our House

We are a team of heart-driven education experts, creatives, and media strategists. Each of us have unique backgrounds ranging from award-winning university programs, art academies, influencer marketing, media, communication, and content marketing. This allows us to offer a perfect mixture of expertise to our clients.

Our specialization lies in the development of exclusive content concepts for high-performance entrepreneurs who have a clear and proven expertise. We love earth-loving companies and excel in topics such as creativity, beauty and slow-fashion, personal development. 

You are destined for more, do you dare?

—House of Are

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For a better world.